The Galileo TV-report on our SentryGlas® composites is attached to this page below.

> DuPont™ SentryGlas® is incomparable with standard structures. It distinguishes itself by its sophisticated look
> DuPont™ SentryGlas® is a composite with remaining bearing capacity                                
> Enormous stiffness and hardness of this film prevents the composite from collapsing after destruction.
> 10-year-long studies have shown that there are  still no any ageing phenomena in the composites,  e.g. de-lamination
> In UV-tests, climatic tests, and tests on interactions with humidity, commercial solvents and  glues, DuPont™ SentryGlas® remains resistant
> Such properties allow an extremely thin and light glass structure  complying with the required resistant classes.

Hurrican glazing (German - P6B -) with SentryGlas®, only 11mm thickness and 22kg/m² weight.

Ideal zur Nachrüstung für größte Sicherheit.
Ideal zur Nachrüstung für größte Sicherheit.

Elegant burglary protection suitable for all fittings!


We supply fully-glazed doors and systems of the certified P6B penetration-resistance class both for the basic equipment and for retrofitting.

DuPont™ SentryGlas® films certified by the DiBt Institute are finished in our laminating machines developed by us to achieve a brilliant look and high-quality burglary protection.

The total thickness of 11mm and only 24 kg/m² weight make this glass suitable for all standard fittings. Our versed partner companies can visit you to advise you, to make measurements, to draw up plans and to replace the old glass with new one. You will get everything from a single source.

Optimal safety for law courts, trade and residential houses

Do not hesitate to contact us. Of course, what we offer for doors will also work for windows.





Resistance classes:

- P6B: 4mm float /2x 1.52mm SentryGlas® / 4mm float glass

- P7B: 4mm float / 1 x 2.04mm SentryGlas® / 4mm float glass/ 1 x 2.04mm SentryGlas® / 4mm float glass

- BR4NS: 6mm float glass/ 0.89mm SentryGlas® / 6mm float glass/ 5.45mm SentryGlas® / 3mm float glass/ 1.7mm Spallshild®

The National Firing Proof House in Ulm (Germany) has tested and certified the BR4NS firing class. This class equals to the "bullet-proof" class of a Remington Magnum 44 revolver. The attack side is on the left and the rear side is on the right, without splintering.

All of that is achieved with only 25mm thickness and about 50 kg/m² weight.

P6B Certificate
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P7B Certificate
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BR4NS Certificate
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We are able to clean SentryGlas® edges after production, in cold condition.