LamiPress® Vario


The machine which grows as your needs do. The worldwide patented ring system can be elongated at any time. From the basic model (3.5 x 4.0 m) up to a 20 m machine and back.

Fotoverbundglas built with its partner HEGLA a semiautomatic industrial plant.

This video shows the LamiPress®vario6.0 at Flachglas Northeast in Osterburg.

This Maschin was built for a minimum output rate of 80.000m² pro year.

The important certifications for laminated safty glass were reached.

Lamination with PVB, EVA, TPU, SentryGlas®, in 45 minutes per cycle.

Design study of the 8 x 4 m machine

This short video shows the structure of the industrial plant that is though operated discontinuously (dwell time in the LamiPress®) nevertheless in-line. Thanks to separation of the cooling unit (LamiCool) from the LamiPress®, the cycle time is low and the throughput is high. Cooling speeds higher than 3°C per minute are absolutely no problem in this cooling unit (direct and two-side heat conduction).


So the plant suits for composites with SentryGlas® of any thickness.


To see the video, please click on the arrow and then on the full screen mode. To repeat it, click left on the three-quarter circle with arrow head.

Machine structure