Hybrid glass

Since October 2013, the Fotoverbundglas Marl GmbH has co-operated with the University of Siegen (Germany) in a research project to develop Hybrid Glass. This R&D project is supported by aid money of the ZIM (the Central Innovation Program SME) and runs up to the end of the year 2015.

Until then all the necessary certificates shall be issued by the DiBt (German Institute of Construction Engineering).
Hybrid Glass means for us a combination of plastics with glass produced by hot lamination technology.
Polycarbonate is the plastic mostly used. It is bonded with glass by means of diverse hot laminates (TPU, EVA, etc.). This process of laminating with glass will be carried out exclusively on LamiPress® machines since we already manufactured very good test glass previously.
Such composites can be both asymmetric and symmetric items for machine protection glass and burglary-proof glazing. However, these preliminary tests should be first examined by the University of Siegen in order to ensure that no damage or de-lamination occurs. We know from our experience that the immense tensions between the hot-laminated layers can cause long-lasting problems. For other suppliers, that already cost a lot of money because of customer complaints. Therefore, we summarize once more: we will offer these composites on the market only after their approval by scientific research!
Until then we will tread a safe path with foils of DuPont™, i.e. SentryGlas® foils. Information on this subject is available on our website.