Fotoverbundglas in Marl, Germany

About us...

The company Fotoverbundglas (FVG) was founded by three partners in 2007.

At that time the company took over the customers, the sales structures and the equipment of an industrial design and advertising technology firm. This basis and assumption of the CEO role allowed FVG to directly continue the progress of the former company.

These developments primarily concerned the prepress
processes for the automotive and construction glass industry. In doing this the FVG developed designs for the front glass of well-known German and foreign vehicle manufacturers, as well as the new technology of digital printing in the glass for the construction glass industry.

Furthermore, the company opened market niches in the field of technical and optical glasses for measuring technologies. In co-operation with this industry, FVG developed optical glasses of 6000 x 47mm size with integrated indicators. Now it is the only supplier of this product.

Our development of LamiPress® and the respective process technology for its use allowed us to compose a system of problem-free manufacturing of laminated glasses for diverse application areas. Due to experience and diverse contacts in the recent years, the initiated concept study has grown into an invention with multi-faceted fields of application.
Thanks to our respective patents and registrations, we realized our chance to be the only one who can produce new glass-related systems suitable for industrial applications and at acceptable prices.

Besides our day-to-day business, i.e. manufacturing of diverse glass composites (e.g. design doors, facades, kitchen mirrors, special glasses, etc., we found a possibility to use our LamiPress for the production of burglar-proof glass that becomes more and more important due to increasing number of burglaries in residential and enterprise houses. We are in the position to manufacture burglar-proof glass with DuPont™ SentryGlas® without so-called "haze effect" by using our machines.
The low thickness and, at the same time, optimal level of protection makes it possible to reduce the glass weight. So frame structures can be taken over. That helps the building owner to save money and avoid expensive structural alterations.

Together with the University of Siegen, we manage a research project aimed at reliable production of hybrid glass (glass + polycarbonate) of symmetric and asymmetric design by using our LamiPress.
On our website, we will inform you on current results.


FVG 2007
The Fotoverbundglas GmbH was founded in January 2007.
The business fields of the predecessor company were integrated into FVG who also managed necessary restructuring and agree them with the customers. The final organization is maintained up to now.

FVG 2007 – 2008

Development of laminated safety glass with integrated design tends to be a focal point of Fotoverbundglas’s business. The new glass becomes an official brand called "Fotoverbundglas".
The final decision was taken in October 2008 at the Glasstec Fair in Duesseldorf. Because there were no suitable laminating machines available at the market to realize the new plan of FVG, the latter initiated the development of a new laminating technology, far away from the current production process.

FVG 2009 - 2010
Fotoverbundglas develops the new composite parameters on the first machine prototype. This bench-scale development goes on up to the end of June 2009. Before October 2009, the first LamiPress allowing reliable industrial production was developed and manufactured. The new system is now being tested on the limits of stressability and the first orders are manufactured on it. The new production rapidly takes over a share of the company day-to-day business. At the same time, a smaller LamiPress is produced and presented at the Glasstec Fair in 2010. This fair brings large success for FVG.
We have managed to break into the glass industry market.

 FVG 2011 – 2015
Fotoverbundglas improved the technology and begins with hybrid glass business. That means the composite of glass and plastics can be made by using possibilities never known guessed before. Now you can produce such construction components as, for example, explosion-proof facades, self-supporting glass elements in thin structures, machine protection glass with two different function sides, permanently elastic monolithic composites for the areas of penetration-proof and bullet-proof glass of the lowest thickness.
Suddenly such glass became very light and, primarily, affordable.
The development to the step of the process reliability and certification is being revised together with the University of Siegen up to the end of 2015.

Moreover, with DuPont™ SentryGlas®, we were certified for production of burglary-proof glass in August 2013 and in April 2015 from Kuraray.